performance & video

Sharing an intimate moment. When I separate myself from the rest of the world to go deeper into my thoughts, into feelings. Honest feelings regarding all life in the universe. Sleeping with the provoking energy that gives life, Energía dadora de vida as it is called upon in the Temazcal ritual. My skin is in direct contact with water and heat, later on with roots. Roots that may feed from me and I from them. 

In sleep in a deep moment of being alone, inside our body. Where we don’t hide any behaviour, but what comes natural to the body. Where we dream our terrors and our wishes. Where “reality” can change and symbols fill the atmosphere. What better place to become one with new seedlings. What can the energy of a newborn plant that is growing skin to skin with us, teach us? What can we give to this new being?  Might I  feel the energy of life; waking up together with the sun and  sleeping with the moon. Breathing together, exchanging feelings and perhaps thoughts. 

What happens if we become life support? Would this enable us, me, in this interactive experiment/performance, to have new connections that generate a greater understanding and deeper empathy?